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Create A Free Online Store For Your Company

For the first time ever, display all your products and company information in a single place where thousands of plants, purchasing managers, and sourcing agents can discover all you have to offer. Upload product photos, technical information, company contact information, and more. With the click of a button, interested parties can contact you about your products.

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Improve Visibility with Advertising & Premium Memberships

PowerTrader offers multiple advertising formats ranging from category advertising to custom packages designed just for you and your company. To get even more out of the platform, we also offer a Preferred Vendor Membership program, which unlocks special features like company reviews, extra storefront features, and more.

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Collect More Leads & Watch Your Business Grow

People are searching for products like yours right now; our job is to help them find you. By getting your company's products and information on PowerTrader, you're taking the best possible step toward increasing your company's exposure and generating the leads that will improve your bottom line and generate new, meaningful relationships.

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Source, connect, and manage your plant more effectively.

Browse All Vendors, Products & Services In One Place - FREE

Sourcing products and vendors for your power station has never been easier. Use our powerful search to browse up-to-date information (including photos, technical specs & more) from any vendor or product, anywhere. With the click of a button, request additional information about a product or a even a custom quote.

Post A Free RFQ or Issue An Emergency Sourcing Request

PowerTrader's extensive reach makes it the ideal place to broadcast your message. Get the bids you need on any RFQ by posting with a few clicks from your account. Need a part or service immediately during a critical outage? Post a PT911™ sourcing request for a small fee, and get your message out to everyone in the industry, all at once.

Keep Your Plant Running Better For Less

From its inception, PowerTrader's goal has been to help the power industry do business more efficiently. With our tools at your disposal, it has never been easier to efficiently source the best products and services exactly when you need them. This is a whole new way of doing business, and we're confident your bottom line will appreciate it.

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