How do I sign up for PowerTrader?

1. On the home page, click the Join Free button.

2. Next, fill in your name, email, password and select if you are a plant or vendor.

How do I add my company information?

1. From your account area, click the 'Company Information' tab on the left. Fill in all the information about your company in this tab. It’s important to make sure all the info is accurate, this will be listed directly on your storefront. As you get near the bottom, don’t forget to upload a photo for your Company Logo, this will help you be discovered in the Vendor Directory.

2. Once all fields are completed click Save, then you have officially registered and ready for the world to find your company and products!

How do I list my products and services for sale?

1. Log in to PowerTrader. From your account area, click the "Items For Sale" tab on the left, and click the '+ Add New Item' button.

2. The New Item page will load, now you are ready for the items content. First, there are fields for you to input the basic information such as title of the items, the type of item, and description. There are also two drop down menus for the Category and Subcategory, these are very important for your items. Make sure you select the most accurate location for your item to be listed, this is where it will be located for the plants to find it. Next you can put the price of the item; you can either enter a dollar amount (USD) or leave it blank and it will list it saying “Price Upon Request”. Below this field there is an additional information box, if there is anything else specific about your product or service you would like to include this is where you do so.

3. Product Variations are below this box, this is specific for those products and services that are the same but a characteristic of it changes. For Example, if you have a bolt to sell and its made of carbon steel but you have multiple sizes to sell such as ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, etc, this is where you would list those variations. Another example is a valve; if you have a ball valve that fits multiple size lines such as 1”, 2”, 3”, and 4” and its the same valve, this is where you list it.

4. The last parts of the New Item sign up are the spec sheets and images. If your item happens to have a certification, documentation or SDS sheet that should accompany it, these is where you make the documents into a PDF and drop them into the box. As far as the photos go, you may upload (6) photos of your product/service here.