About Us

PowerTrader is an exciting new company with shear dedication to connecting the power industry. More important than who invented PT, is the mission that we carry out; connect the industry. With history in the Power Generation market for 10 years, we identified a missing link between the plants and the vendors. The marketing services currently offered for vendors are related to selling information about the plant outages, contacts and future projects. This allows the vendors to chase down the leads, contact the plants and make the deal. What we discovered is exactly the opposite wasn’t available; where can the plants go to get a full list of vendors, their products and services to research the items they need? This led us through an expanding path of creating PT.

Our marketplace is an interactive site where all vendors are encouraged to list their products and services in their storefronts, searchable by everyone. We have multiple ways for the vendors to be found such as the company directory, our elastic search bar, or by categories. The amazing elastic search automatically indexes every item listed by a vendor and as a user types in their search, it returns both products and companies that match.

In order to continue the connecting between the industry, we have added two unique services; the RFQ center and the PT-911 service. The RFQ center is an amazing module that is free for plants to load up any requests for quotes they need and post to find vendors to handle their work scopes. As a vendor, behind the scenes as the RFQ is posted, it will locate the category that the RFQ is posted in and automatically send you an invitation to review and join in the bidding. Our idea is to maximize the results for the plants and produce the best possible leads for the vendors. Our second service, the PT-911, is an industry driven idea for those last minute discovery items that always seem to pop up. This service allows the plants to post their immediate needs in a PT-911 service bulletin that goes out to our entire network. This network includes plants, vendors, individuals, or associates of PT. With a reach that far, we will be able to connect a plant in need with the product or service in the absolute fastest time possible.

Our company is one with a large goal and an enormous task at hand. We are determined to centralize all vendors in the industry to make procurement, marketing and browsing the easiest and more comprehensive possible. Our success will be measured on the number of vendors listed and the quality of feedback that the plants provide in sourcing their work scopes.